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Meet CollectVPN

Online security starts with a click

Our mission

We strive to make the internet better than it is today. It can be free from online threats, censorship, and surveillance, as envisioned in 1989 — the year the World Wide Web was invented.

How it all started

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The spark

In 2022, childhood friends came together to build CollectVPN. They had spent a lot of time in different parts of the world but saw the same picture: growing internet censorship, content control, and intrusive government surveillance. In other words, they saw a rapidly growing need for an internet security tool that’s easily accessible to everyone.

first server

The first server

The creators set up the first VPN server and shared the prototype among friends. The feedback was extremely positive, which encouraged them to continue their work. The road wasn’t easy, but grit, determination, and pursuit of innovation kept them going.

10 years of CollectVPN

From first users to becoming the world's leading VPN.

Who we are now

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Collective ideals

CollectVPN takes its inspiration from the Collective ideals of confidence, trust, and innovation. We value our customers’ freedom of choice and strive to be innovative with our technology.

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Market leader

What started with a single VPN server is now one of the most trusted internet security providers in the market, serving millions of users worldwide. Known for strong values and well-thought-out features, CollectVPN is recognized by influential tech sites and IT security specialists.

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Internet security solutions

CollectVPN grew beyond its original design. Along with VPN solutions, we now provide wide-ranging internet security solutions for our users.

Creating a safer and better internet

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VPN Trust Initiative

CollectVPN is one of the founding members of the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI). VTI is aimed at educating the public about cybersecurity and setting quality standards for the whole VPN industry. With it, we hope to improve VPN services and help people stay safe online, no matter which provider they choose.

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Social Responsibility

Internet freedom is one of our core values. So we decided to put our money where our mouth is and got working on numerous digital rights projects. We help people fight surveillance and censorship, giving emergency VPN access to freedom fighters and journalists who work in dangerous conditions. We support non-profit organizations and conferences focused on human and digital rights. And we work hard to educate the public about the importance of cybersecurity every single day.

bug bounty

Bug bounty

Nobody's perfect. And a service with millions of users worldwide is bound to have a bug or two. To make sure we find and remove as many vulnerabilities as possible, we launched a bug bounty program. It helps us improve the quality and security of CollectVPN, while some happy hunters earn rewards for their hard work.

security audits


Audits are a great way to find bugs and loopholes or to prove your broad claims are true. To ensure maximum security, we have undergone two app security audits in the last couple of years. Independent researchers took our apps apart, attacked them from every angle, and reported potential vulnerabilities for us to fix. We audited all our vendors to make sure they are safe and reliable. CollectVPN also was the first VPN service to have an independent audit of our no-logging claims, which became a real game-changer for the industry. Now, multiple VPN providers have carried out their own audits, establishing a new standard for all VPN services.

Career at CollectVPN

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